Episode 238 – 5 Reasons Your Lead Generation Isn’t Effective And How To Improve It

How can you improve your lead generation? How can attract new leads and build relationships?

In this episode of Top Advisor Marketing, Matt & Kirk explore 5 reasons why advisors lead generation isn’t working. Plus how they can improve through relationship building, attracting, engaging their audience.  

In this episode, you will learn:  

  • 5 reasons your lead generation doesn’t work and how to fix it
  • What it takes to attract new leads
  • How to utilize relationship marketing and start generating momentum
  • Tangible ways to build relationships, solve pain points, issues, and obstacles 
  • And more!

Tune in now to learn how to better optimize your lead generation!

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Episode 237 – Start Making Connection Calls With Your Clients Now – With Brad Johnson

People are desperate for connection right now. What are you doing to show your clients that you’re there for them?

In this episode, Matt speaks with Brad Johnson, VP of advisor development at Advisors Excel and host of The Elite Advisor Blueprint podcast. Brad walks you through a much-needed and effective marketing strategy right now that only requires financial advisors to have a telephone and a work ethic.

In this episode, you will learn:  

  • About the best marketing tactics that Brad has seen advisors do
  • Why marketing is a combination of science and art
  • What people are really looking for when they attend seminars
  • The purpose of making connection calls during isolation –– and how they’re different from sales calls
  • How to ask for referrals through connection calls
  • And more!

Tune in now and learn how to start making connection calls today!

Resources: Top Advisor Marketing | Brad Johnson | The Virtual Advisor Series | The Elite Advisor Blueprint Podcast | Virtual Advisor Episode With Pat Quinn | The Virtual Advisor Series™ Facebook Group | Brad Johnson on LinkedIn 

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Episode 236 – How Advisors Can Benefit From Leadership Development –– With Peter Montoya

What is the value of leadership development for advisors? Why do they tend to focus so little on it?

In this episode, Matt talks to Peter Montoya, the best-selling author of “The Brand Called You” and his latest books, “Meetings Without Walls” and “Leadership Power.” He’s also a sought-after and highly motivational keynote speaker and leadership development strategist, specializing in developing high-performance teams. Today, Matt and Peter about something particularly personal and self-reflective for advisors –– leadership. They discuss how advisors can use leadership to effect positive change in themselves and in the lives of their clients and employees. 

In this episode, you will learn:  

  • How long it takes for advisors to establish credibility in their clients’ minds
  • The six most effective marketing channels for financial services
  • The best frequency in communication for advisors to stay top of mind
  • How to use power in all aspects of your life
  • And more!

Tune in hear about leadership development from an industry veteran!

Resources  Top Advisor Marketing | Peter Montoya : (949) 334-7070 | petermontoya@petermontoya.com | Peter Montoya on LinkedIn 

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Episode 235 – Overcome Your Self-Limiting Beliefs and Win! –– With JM Ryerson

We often limit ourselves by questioning what we believe we’re capable of. This could be a result of the type of headspace we entrap ourselves in.

In this episode, Matt speaks with JM Ryerson, a leadership expert and the CEO of Let’s Go Win. JM speaks about the importance of getting in the right headspace and how mental performance can negatively and positively impact your work environment. He also speaks to the value of having fun and striking a balance between home and work.

In this episode, you will learn:  

  • How JM Ryerson helps teams improve their mental performance
  • The importance of being in the right headspace
  • Ideas on how to get in the right headspace before work
  • Methods for overcoming self-limiting beliefs
  • And more!

Tune in to learn how to get in the right headspace.


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Episode 234 – Stop Viewing Compliance as Your Business-Prevention Department –– With Leila Shaver

Are you an advisor who feels nervous about compliance? Join the club. You might even want to start a podcast, but you’re worried about navigating compliance’s requirements.

In this episode, Matt speaks with Leila Shaver, owner and managing partner of My RIA Lawyer. Leila takes a deep look into compliance as it relates to risk profiles, podcasting, testimonials, and more.

In this episode, you will learn:  

  • How to better understand compliance
  • What you can do to potentially improve your risk profile
  • How compliance involvement differs between RIAs versus FINRA
  • Answers to aspiring podcasters’ most common compliance concerns 
  • What the benefits are of becoming an RIA
  • And more!

Tune in now to hear the answers to your compliance concerns. 

Resources  Top Advisor Marketing | My RIA Lawyer | (770) 462-2118  

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Episode 233 – Beware of “10X” and “We Fill Your Pipeline” Claims

If a marketing expert promises you results that seem too good to be true, it probably is. 

In this episode, Matt and Kirk discuss why they believe it’s irresponsible for “marketing gurus” and “lead-generation experts” to claim that they can fill financial advisors’ pipelines and get them 10X the results. They also talk about what advisors have to gain by shifting away from a “quick win” marketing mindset.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why the promise of 10X and filling your pipeline is problematic
  • How to validate these promises
  • Why silver marketing bullet is not a sustainable pursuit
  • What to do if you’re approached by aggressive marketers that trying to sell you short-term success
  • And more!

Tune in now to consider a new way to think about quick-win promises from marketers. 

Resources:  Top Advisor Marketing | Kirk’s LinkedIn post | Death By Referrals


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Episode 232 – How to Hire the Right People for Your Firm –– With Duane Roberts

Why are we talking about hiring on a marketing podcast? Because when advisors hire the right people, they can market that they have a stellar team and focus on doing what they do best. 

In this episode, Matt speaks with Duane Roberts, the COO and CFO of Humans Being Resources, a recruiting firm. Duane explains how his company helps financial advisors find the right hires through My1Hire packages.

In this episode, you will learn:  

  • Why finding candidates outside of your industry is important
  • How COVID-19 has altered the hiring process
  • Key HR resources for advisors
  • What separates Humans Being Resources from other recruiting firms
  • And more!

Tune in now for tips on how to hire the right people!

Resources:  Top Advisor Marketing | Humans Being Resources | My1Hire | (844) 691-4473

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Episode 231 – Transparency Wave — With Paul Pagnato

Transparency changes everything for advisors. Being transparent means communicating all aspects of your business.

In this episode, Matt speaks with Paul Pagnato, CEO of PagnatoKarp. Paul shares the importance of being transparent in the finance industry, how trust and transparency go hand in hand, and he discusses his book, “Transparency Wave.”

In this episode, you will learn:  

  • How to use transparency to differentiate yourself in the industry
  • The six Ts of transparency
  • The importance of building trust with clients 
  • How to scale credibility
  • And more!

Tune in to learn all about transparency!

Resources  Top Advisor Marketing | PagnatoKarp | Transparency Wave   

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Episode 230 – Sales Techniques and Triggers With Jason Smith

Have you ever wondered what the best way to get referrals is? Or how to know when it’s best to move forward in a sale and close the deal? 

In this episode, Matt chats with Jason L Smith, founder of The JL Smith Group, an independent retirement planning and wealth management firm. Jason goes into detail about their process first approach and how he preps each client. He also touches on the importance of education and his book!

In this episode, you will learn:  

  • Sales techniques
  • Three ways to build trust and rapport before meeting with clients
  • The importance of educating clients
  • How to know notice triggers and move towards closing a sale
  • And more!

Tune in to learn how to reinvent your client approach!

Resources  Top Advisor Marketing | The JL Smith Group  Clarity 2 Prosperity  The Bucket Plan

Episode 229 – Marketing to The Forgotten Generation

Generation Xers are a Financial Advisors’ Dream – so why are they being left out?

In this episode, Kirk and Matt, Gen Xers working in the marketing space for financial advisors, are finally exposing a significant hole in the industry – Marketing to the Forgotten Generation – Generation X! 

Gen Xer’s are the first generation to start figuring out the idea of work-life balance, and more and more of them are entrepreneurs, but no one is marketing to them to help them prepare for retirement.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What being from Generation X means
  • Why it is essential that advisors start paying attention to Generation X and how can they reach them
  • What do Gen Xers want from a financial advisor
  • And more!

Tune in now to hear the story that no one else is talking about!

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