Ep 149 – Part 2 of The Compounding Impact of Marketing to Women with Podcasts: How to Maximize Your ROI Featuring Adri Miller-Heckman

Your host Matt welcomes returning guest Adri Miller-Heckman to part two of their three-part mini-series titled: The Compounding Impact of Marketing to Women With Podcasts: How to Maximize Your ROI. 

On today’s episode, Adri discusses the most common questions and concerns she hears from women about podcasting. With Adri hosting the interview, listen in and learn from your host Matt how you can overcome some of the apprehensions about podcasting and sharing your story. In addition, you’ll discover the value of podcasting for women in the financial sector and the impact it can have on maximizing your ROI.

Adri is a globally recognized speaker, author, and consultant in the financial industry. She is the founder of femXadvisor™, a professional training and coaching business designed to help advisors generate exponential growth with the femXadvisor™ process to create a female-friendly, results-oriented financial practice.

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