Episode 272- How To Overcome 15 “Buts” That Keep Your Business From Achieving the Next Level of Success

“I would like to do this but…” 

There are many “buts” that financial advisors use as reasons to not pursue a better marketing strategy that would move their business forward.

Today, Matt and Kirk reveal the 15 “buts” that stop too many businesses from reaching their next level of success. They draw from their own experiences as entrepreneurs to help you re-think and break free from your own limitations. 

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why saying “no” can create a huge burden for business owners
  • How to avoid outsourcing to specialists who don’t see the bigger picture
  • Reasons to not allow time or money to hold you back from your next level of success
  • Ways to overcome the fear of failure
  • Why Kirk encourages you to fix whatever isn’t working with your marketing, even if that means starting over 
  • Why outsourcing will probably save you money, even if you’re paying a premium for a specialized service
  • And more!

Learn how to conquer the “buts” that hinder you from moving your business forward!

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