Episode 4 – The Pursuit of Absolute Engagement w/Julie Littlechild

Human beings aren’t equipped with unlimited battery backs. The growth of our businesses goes hand-in-hand with our personal wellbeing. How does personal vision fit into business vision? How do you build a business that supports the life you want for yourself? Why is audacity necessary in achievement and action? On this episode, author, speaker and coach talks about her book The Pursuit of Absolute Engagement and gives insight on the principles she wrote about.

To pursue absolute engagement is to be intentional about structuring your business in a way that supports meaningful growth. Julie Littlechild

Guest Bio:

Julie Littlechild is a speaker, writer and the Founder of AbsoluteEngagement.com. She helps successful professionals and entrepreneurs design businesses that support the lives they want to live and to create lives that fuel their capacity to do just that. Julie has worked with and studied top producing professionals, their clients and their teams for twenty years. She is a recognized expert on driving deeper engagement and growth and the author of a popular blog. To get in touch email jlittlechild@absoluteengagement.com. To learn more about her book or buy it www.AbsoluteEngagement.com/book.

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