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Episode 254 – How To Use Facebook Ads To Market To Your Ideal Clients –– With Kelley Doutre

If you get super specific with your Facebook Ad targeting, will enough people see your ads?

Will you be competing for visibility with Facebook Ads from large financial companies?

Today, Matt speaks with Kelley Doutre, founder of Sweet Honey Marketing, about how to get your Facebook Ads in front of the people you’d love to serve. You will also learn how often to post on Instagram and Facebook and why it’s time to stop overlooking Instagram as a marketing tool. 

In this episode, you will learn:  

  • How to build the like, know, and trust factor throughout the customer journey
  • How Facebook Ads differentiates between small advisors and big advisors
  • Why you shouldn’t worry about having to compete with large companies’ Ads
  • What will compel people to click on your Facebook Ads
  • How often financial professionals should post on Instagram and Facebook
  • Which one is the best option for building a community: Pages or Groups?
  • And more!

Tune in now to learn how to use Facebook Ads to build relationships with your ideal clients. 

Resources: Top Advisor Marketing | Sweet Honey Marketing | Kelley Doutre on LinkedIn

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Episode 248 – Reasons for Advisors to Drop the Jargon and Start Using Sketches to Explain Financial Concepts –– With Carl Richards

Many advisors believe that if they aren’t using big words and acronyms with clients, then they aren’t proving their credibility. 

Today, Matt speaks with Carl Richards CFP®, Creator of the Behavior Gap and the Sketch Guy column, which has appeared weekly in The New York Times since 2010. Carl joins the show to encourage advisors to explain financial concepts to clients in the most simple way imaginable. He explains why using hand drawn sketches are an effective teaching tool that demonstrates your expertise.

In this episode, you will learn:  

  • Who in the financial industry uses Behavior Gap
  • The four most common uses of Behavior Gap for advisor marketing
  • Why sketches make financial concepts easy for people to understand
  • Why sketches actually demonstrate an advisor’s expertise
  • Reasons for advisors to stop using jargon and embrace simplicity instead
  • And more!

Tune in to learn about the power of using sketches to make complex financial concepts easy to understand.


Top Advisor Marketing | Behavior Gap  | Carl Richards on LinkedIn 

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Episode 225: Embrace AI and Prosper— With DJ Sebastian

Spending more time being face to face building a relationship with your client will benefit your practice more than sitting behind the desk drafting mailers.

In this episode, Matt speaks with DJ Sebastian, a top-performing sales executive in the world of cutting edge technology.  DJ’s mission as an author and coach is to help sales professionals develop the skills they need and utilize these new technologies so they can achieve greater success.  

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What is Artificial Intelligence today
  • The shift in what humans do physically and mentally in the workplace – and how it affects the workforce
  • Proactive Advisor – why you should become one
  • How top advisors can leverage AI technologies in their marketing activities
  • And more!

Listen in and be inspired to read the book The Selling Revolution – Prospering in the New World of Artificial Intelligence, which takes a unique look at how the convergence of these technologies combined with social communications trends and management imperatives will revolutionize the future sales profession. 

Resources:  Top Advisor Marketing | DJ Sebastian Email | Top 10 Tips | The Selling Revolution – Prospering in the New World of Artificial Intelligence

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