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Ep 143 – The Taylor Method with Eszylfie Taylor

Today Matt welcomes award winning advisor, broker and agent Eszylfie Taylor! With nearly two decades in the business, Eszylfie has managed to succeeded exponentially in the trenches and through his experiences created The Taylor Method, the topic of today’s podcast.

The Taylor Method is an accumulation of Eszylfie’s career triumphs and failures. Derived from over 16,000 client interviews, the Taylor Method puts all the ideas, tools, language and processes for success in one convenient online location.

Matt and Eszylfie explore the substance behind the method and the value it can bring to your advisory business.

Be sure to tune in today to learn more about what The Taylor Method could be doing for you!

Links: The Taylor Method | Eszylfie Taylor LinkedIn

Ep 142 – The Intersection of Leadership, Character, and Ethos with Dr Sean Hannah

Ethos is defined as the core values, beliefs and ideal that a leader will hold and manifest out to positively influence others and organizations. Do you recognize the ethos in yourself as a business leader? Or are you trying to cultivate your own sense of ethos?

If you’ve got questions about your leadership skills, ethos, or how to build the characteristics of a leader, this podcast is for you!

Today Matt is joined by Dr Sean Hannah, a Wake Forest University School of Business professor, retired US Army Colonel, and one of the founding members of 3ethos.

With extensive background in leadership, Dr Sean has spent decades building leaders in the military and in finance to become better stewards, governs, and leaders in the business that they do.

Tune in today to learn more about the leadership characteristics that can you set you apart from the crowd, and build a business you and others believe in!

Links: Dr Sean Hannah LinkedIn | |

Ep 141 – Marketing as an OSJ with Craig Snyder

It’s a first for our host Matt Halloran as he welcomes our first OSJ to the show, Craig Snyder.

Craig is the CEO and Founder of the America Group, a premier financial services group at LPL Financial. With over 40 years in the business, Craig understands what it takes to develop a strong brand and flourishing business.

With our focus on bringing you, our listeners, something unique and different with every podcast Matt is thrilled to sit down and discuss Craig’s extensive experience and the marketing success he’s develop with the America Group.

Tune in today for more top advisor marketing tips!

Links: Craig Snyder LinkedIn | America Group

Ep 140 – Business Marketing Strategy with Diederik Heinink

Matt welcomes another international guest to today’s show, Diederik Heinink, to discuss some of his experience building business marketing strategies and what you can do to change yours!

Diederik has a resume a mile long with experience building brands and business all over the world. He recently opened up his own company, East Marketing, which specializes in designing marketing strategies for #FinTech companies and where he serves as founder and CEO.

Diederik shares in his expertise and advice on some of the strategies you can incorporate into your business/marketing plan to help you see growth and consistent results.

Be sure to tune in today for some refreshing advice when it comes to your marketing strategy!

Links: Diederik Heinink LinkedIn | East Marketing 

Ep. 139 – Becoming a Great Host with Celeste Headlee

In our most meta podcast to date, Matt is joined by public radio journalist and author Celeste Headlee to discuss what it takes to become a great host.

Some of you may recognize Celeste’s name from her work with a variety of publications including NPR, PBC, GPB, and PRI. In addition to her spoken work, Celeste is the author of two books, We Need to Talk: How to Have Conversations That Matter, and Heard Mentality: An A-Z Guide on How to Take Your Podcast or Radio Show from Idea to Hit.

Together, Matt and Celeste dive into the two major components of being a great podcast host: what can be taught and what is innate.

If you’ve ever considered podcasting, or currently host your own, be sure to listen in today and discover what your podcast could be missing!

Links: Celeste Headlee LinkedIn | Heard Mentality: An A-Z Guide to Take Your Podcast or Radio Show From Idea to a Hit|Celeste Headlee TED Talk: 10 Ways to have a better conservation | We Need to Talk : How to have Conversations That Matter

Ep 138 – Revolutionizing Recruiting with Amir Bormand

Are you ready to change the way you think about recruiting? Matt Halloran is joined by Amir Borand, co-founder of Elevano, and a new age expert in recruiting.

Amir and along with his founding partner, are out to change the way people recruit. Using social media, Elevano helps employers find the right people and bring them into their business. Leveraging digital content, Amir is trying to break away from traditional methods of recruiting, to create a space that is open to a much more social conversation.

If you’re looking to grow your team, or perhaps seeking a new professional endevour, be sure to tune in today to find out how with the right recruiting anything can happen!

Links: Amir Bormand LinkedIn | Elevano

Ep 137 – 2019 Marketing Trends with Luke Acree

With the first month of 2019 behind us, it’s time to refocus on marketing! Host Matt Halloran welcomes returning guest Luke Acree of ReminderMedia back to the microphone today to discuss the biggest marketing trends of 2019.

Luke is one of the founding partners of ReminderMedia, where they provide marketing services beyond the financial sector giving them the edge on marketing strategies and success stories. Luke offers some of his best advice to keep your marketing relevant throughout 2019.

Tune in today to learn more about how you can make 2019 your best marketing year yet!

Links: Luke Acree LinkedIn | ReminderMedia

Ep 136 – The Man Behind the Voice with Aric Johnson

To welcome in a new month, your host Matt Halloran is featuring one of his team mates and long time friends, Aric Johnson.

Some of you may recognize Aric as the host of several of our Top Advisor Marketing client podcasts, but his work goes beyond our microphones. Aric is a business coach/consultant, the VP of Advisor Development at Christian Wealth Management, and a professional speaker.

Aric brings all that experience to our clients at Top Advisor Marketing, and directs so that they can bring their best self and provide optimal information and guidance to their audience.

If you’ve ever been curious about what it takes to be an incredible podcast host, or how we make podcasting work here at Top Advisor Marketing, be sure to tune in today!

Links: Aric Johnson LinkedIn |