Monthly Archives: November 2017

Episode 49 – Bob Burg and the Go-Giver Way

In this latest epsiode of Top Advisor Marketing, Kirk and Matt are pleased to welcome saught after speaker and international best selling author Bob Burg. Bob is well known for his book, ”The Go-Giver”, along with the other books in the Go-Giver series.  This series discusses how in the business world the best way to achieve success is to be constantly giving.  Nearly a decade since it was first published, The Go-Giver is still gaining momentum and was awarded the 2017 Living Now Book Award – Evergreen Medal for Personal Growth. With our hosts, Bob dives into how constantly and consistently providing value to others will help you conduct not only nice business, but the most profitable. 


Links: Bob Burg | The Go-Giver | Buy Now

Episode 48 – The New Advisor Reality – 100% Outsource Marketing

As demands on financial advisors become more intense, Matt and Kirk offer a solution to all your marketing needs – Outsourced Marketing. In this episode, the guys discuss the complexities of creating a solid marketing plan from foundation to execution and the challenges many financial advisors face when DYI’ing their marketing: canned marketing, ineffective or inefficient marketing or trial and error marketing. With the ability to access service around the globe through your computer, it’s now easier than ever to outsource your marketing to a team of highly skilled experts, at a fraction of the cost of in house training and salary. This episode will give you all the insight you need to make the right call for your practice and your marketing plan for 2018. 

Episode 47 – First Impressions, Dressing for Success with Patti Morrison

Matt and Kirk welcome guest Patti Morrison in their latest episode of TAM Podcast. Patti Morrison owns and operates Image Strategist in Vancouver Canada, and has worked in the fashion industry for over 25 years. Recently she has become a best selling author with the release of her book “First Impressions, Dressing for Impact”. Taking all of her knowledge and experience, Patti walks Matt and Kirk through the basics of creating an impactful outfit, understanding the importance of clothes in the business world, and the steps to making a wardrobe that suits you and your goals. 


Episode 46 – #1 Marketing Tactic of Top Advisors

Kirk and Matt dive into the deep end of marketing tactics for a niche advisor. It’s important when developing your brannd and business to capitlize on small markets, whether its government employees, blue collar business owners, or adventure junkies, cartering your brand to your ideal clients is the best way to get them through the door. Matt and Kirk explain all of this while walking you through the 10 reasons to have a niche persona.