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Episode 45 – To Book or Whitepaper

Do you have lots of great content ideas rattling around in your brain – but are’t sure what the best direction is for publication? Kirk and Matt dive into this question in Episode 45 as they discuss the advantages and disadvantages of white papers vs books. Matt has published 2 books, and Kirk has authored over 20 white papers, and both can highlight that each option is circumstance dependent. If this is your first foray into publication, Kirk and Matt discuss that a white paper is an ideal starting point… and just may get you that book deal you’re looking for!

LINKS: Anatomy of a White Paper

Episode 44 – 7 Ways to Make Your Website a Workhorse with Samantha Russell

Kirk and Matt are joined by Twenty Over Ten’s Director of Sales & Marketing Samantha Russell. As one of Top Advisor’s strategic partners, Kirk and Matt have worked closed with Twenty Over Ten developing efficient and effective websites for top advisors, including our exclusive Brand Mastered website. Samantha breaks down the 7 important factors to consider when developing a website that’s going to do the work for you. Covering everything from the consumer portal to how to effectively use video on your site to generate faster leads. This episode will give you top insight into what your website needs in order to drive leads and find those ideal prospects. 


Episode 43 – 10 Steps to Immaculate Marketing

Kirk and Matt bring in their third partner/professor of Brand Mastery Course, Ray Gauthier, to explain the 10 Steps to Immaculate Marketing. The 10 step marketing plan discusses the importance of everything from defining and understanding your ideal client to creating a great web page full of authentic and useful content. The marketing ideas and strategies Ray touches on is the basis of Top Advisor Marketing’s latest offering – Brand Mastery Course. A 20-week program designed and executed by Ray and Matt, gives advisors the opportunity to fill their marketing tool box will what they need to tell their story. 


Episode 42 – Dave Crenshaw and The Power of Having Fun

Kirk and Matt are joined by best selling author Dave Crenshaw to discuss his latest book “The Power of Having Fun”. Dave explains to us that studies show – having more fun gets more done. Financial Advisors are notorious for relentlessly pushing themselves without consideration for fun. Dave walks Kirk Matt through the sections of his book and the tools he offers his clients to balance their lives, and create more space for fun. 

LINKS: DAVE CRENSHAW | The Power of Having Fun |