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Episode 3 – Get Quoted: Tips & Tactics to Become the Most Quotable Financial Advisor In Your Market w/Veronica Dagher

Reporter relationships help advisors gain exposure and build brand awareness. When it comes to maintaining these relationships, interviews, pitching and being on camera, what are the most common mistakes advisors make? On this episode, Wall Street Journal wealth advisor Veronica Dagher gives us tactics, tips and ideas to make it easier to work with the press.

If you’re being vague and not specific, you’re not going to get quoted and it’s not going to help the editors or readers understand. -Veronica Dagher

Guest Bio:

Veronica Dagher is columnist focused on wealth management, financial advisers, personal finance and philanthropy for Wealth Management at She also hosts, writes and produces videos on those topics and more for and frequently appears on Fox Business, Fox News Channel and nationally syndicated radio. She also hosts podcast, Watching Your Wealth.

Episode 2 – Top 5 Keys To Working With the Press To Grow Your Advisor Practice w/Matt Ackermann

Advisors aspire to be an asset for the media, and someone journalists want to interview. What increases your chances of building that kind of relationship? On this episode we share insights on the top 5 things advisors should know about when it comes to working with the press. We talk about knowing your interviewer and building conversational relationships with Investment News’ digital content director Matt Ackermann.

Guest Bio:

Matt is the director of digital content at Investment News.  Follow him on Twitter @acketyack.

Episode 1 – Sales vs. Marketing

Many advisors were trained with the mindset of selling but is this method the best way to build relationships and get new business? In this episode, we discuss the key differences between sales and marketing, and a marketing blueprint that will help you adopt marketing as your mode of communication and business growth.