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Special COVID-19 Episode: It’s Time To Step Up Your Game — With Joe Lukacs

Today’s environment of self-isolation can often leave people feeling uncertain about things. Now is the time to step up and take care of yourself, your team, and your clients! 

In this episode, Matt and Kirk speak with Coach Joe Lukacs, coach to financial advisors. Coach Joe shares the lessons learned from the market downtime of 08/09, so you can better position yourself to get through these trying yet recoverable days.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to ask questions in the proper order to get people to answer honestly
  • Why you must accept the challenge to create certainty in these uncertain times
  • Ways to not only survive but to thrive
  • And more!

Tune in now because it is time to step up your game and ‘rockstar’ your business! 

Resources:  Top Advisor Marketing | Coach Joe Lukacs LI | Magellan Mastermind & Network

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Episode 221: Build a Million-Dollar Mindset and the Practice Will Follow — With Stephanie Bogan

Are you positioning yourself to build a million-dollar practice and take 100 days off? Are you on track to double your revenue in half the amount of time?

Today, Matt speaks with Stephanie Bogan, the chief possibility officer at Educe and founder of the Limitless Adviser Coaching program. In a conversation that will urge you to take action, Stephanie explains how to make mindset shifts that are essential for doubling your revenue in half the time. You will learn how to pinpoint how you’re spending the majority of your time as an advisor — and how to take control. 

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How a mindset shift improves personal performance and happiness
  • How one advisor’s crisis of confidence was costing his firm $80,000 per year 
  • How to calculate your return on time
  • How to do a five-day exercise that will reveal whether you have the potential to double your revenue in half the time
  • Why being below the line hinders advisors from doubling their revenue
  • And more!

Learn how to make changes to your mindset that can position you to double your revenue in half the time!

Resources:  Top Advisor Marketing | Educe Inc. 

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